Day tour to Central Georgia

 Jvari temple (VI c. UNESCO);
 Uplistsikhe cave city;
 Joseph Stalin’s museum at Gori;
 Mtskheta(UNESCO)

Departure from Tbilisi early morning to the West direction (total driving distance 200 km).First stop on the way is Jvari temple that dates back from VI c and overlooks ancient capital  Mtskheta. Jvari temple is considered as one of the most important religious monument in Georgia associated with the early steps of Christianization. From Jvari there is stunning view at the  confluence of 2 rivers Mtkavri and Aragvi. Continue your way to Uplistsikhe cave city (II c. B.C), ancient rock-hewn town in Central Georgia
100 km away from Tbilisi. Uplistsikhe is identified by archaeologists as one of the oldest urban settlements in Georgia. The Uplistsikhe cave complex has been on the tentative list for inclusion into the UNESCO World  Heritage program since 2007.
After exploring Uplistsikhe, driver for Gori where is located museum of Joseph Stalin. Museum in Gori establishe in 1951 as a local history museum, but clearly intended to become a memorial to  Stalin, who died in 1953.  The exhibition is divided into six halls in roughly chronological order, and contain many items actually or allegedly owned by Stalin, including some of his office furniture, his personal effects and  gifts made to him over the years. There is also much illustration by way of documentation, photographs, paintings and newspaper articles. To one side of the museum is Stalin's personal railway carriage. The green Pullman carriage, which  is armor plated and weighs 83 tons, was used by Stalin from 1941 onwards, including his attendances at the Yalta Conference and the Tehran Conference. It was sent to the museum on  being recovered from the railway yards at Rostov on Donau in 1985.
After exploring Gori, drive back to Tbilisi and on the way visit of Mtskheta, ancient capital of  Georgia. (UNESCO). Mtskheta is located approximately 20 km north of Tbilisi. Mtskheta was the site of  early Christian activities and the location where Christianity was declared the state religion of Georgia in IV c.

Service Includes:
Pick-up and drop-off at the hotel of your stay in Tbilisi,
Private car with driver during the trip;
Petrol costs;
Qualified guiding service;
Museum entrance tickets at Gori and Uplistsike;
Bottle of water.
Service Excludes:

Day tour to Central Georgia
Tbilisi -> Jvari temple -> Uplistsikhe cave complex -> Jospeh Stalin’s museum at Gori -> Mtskheta -> Tbilisi
Total driving distance 200 km; duration 6—7 hours

 1 person  98, – EURO per person  Only car with driver  
 1 person  135, – EURO per person  Car/driver +guiding service  
  2-3 person  68, – EURO per person  Only car with driver  
 2-3 person  88, – EURO per person  Car/driver + guiding service  
  4-5 person  50, – EURO per person  Only car with driver  
   4-5 person  60, – EURO per person  Car/driver + guiding service  
   6-10 person  48, – EURO per person   Only car with driver  
    6-10 person  54, – EURO per person   Car/driver + guiding service


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