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Gudauri Resort was established in XX c. it is located 120 km away from Tbilisi at the altitude of
1295 m. the history of Resort starts from 1982, when the first cable cars were opened by
Austrian company. (Doppelmayer)
Resort soon become popular as it’s located on Georgian Military Road and not far from Tbilisi.
That’s why Tbilisians like to spend theit weekend here. During New years days the place is
overcrowded. There are many visitors also from Russia, Poland, as prices aren’t high for winter
Nearby, on the opposite side is located Mt. Sadzele at the altitude of 3 000 m and promise
wonderfull views on Great Caucasus mountains.
Resort has tracks for skiing with different levels of difficulty. The total length of tracks is 54km.
All tracks are FIS certified.
The seasons runs from December to mid April. Mostly there are dry, sunny weathers that is
unusual for winter resorts. Average temperature in Winter is about minus -7,- 8.


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